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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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пока единственная фотка более-менее качества)))

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самый прикол в том, что они сидели на стеклянном столе, чтобы сидеть рядом, как обычно :lol: а не в этих ужжасно далеких креслах!

2017-05-06 в 03:31 

Is Paul McDermott shorter than Mark Sheppard? Jensen: No idea. Same height I think.
Question about Dean and the grenade launcher. Jared: On Gilmore Girls? lol. Jensen: Yes, soon. And it’s glorious.
Question about a headcanon on finding the hunters that killed Sam and Dean.
J2: Yes. That is addressed, too.
Question about the process for getting back into character while doing ADR. Jensen: You play a character for ten years…but it can be tricky. Not the same as being on set. J2 say sometimes ADR can be done a month after the scenes have been shot.
Question: How do you get through all of the episodes? I have seen the gag reels…
Jared: That is how we get through. We have fun. We address dark topics and work away from families.
Jensen: You just have to laugh…We really still enjoy doing what we do.
The boys are sitting on the table instead of their chairs together. Jared: This table is glass…
Guy who used to work on set wanted to call the airport and ask why there were so many planes when they were shooting “Phantom Traveller.” It was shot in the airport. He doesn’t work for them anymore.
They talk about the camaraderie and family that has been built.
Question: Have either of you ever had braces? Jared: Neither of us did.
Jensen: Do y’all have Invisalign here? Jared: It’s not Ethiopia, Jensen!
After playing the characters for so long do you find yourself acting or thinking like them?
Jared: We have spent thousands of hours with these characters. It’s constant. For the first couple seasons I would say seeya to my friends for 8 months. We are privileged to play these characters. Yes, many decisions I make are affected by Sam.
J2 say sometimes the way they react/analyze in real-life can be influenced by Sam and Dean.
Jensen: Many parts of Dean become parts of Jensen and vice versa. Just as much a part of us as we are of them.
Jared: Especially when the lights flicker - Jensen: and then I go insta Dean.
Fav character dynamic? Jared: Crowley and Rowena, they have some of his favorite on screen interactions. Lucifer and Gabriel, etc. Jensen: Lot of interesting characters. Jared: Sam and Ruby had an interesting dynamic. Jensen: Interesting dynamic between Dean and Rowena. Doweena? Or, “D’Wena” - Go on. Say it out loud ;) Jared: Deanweena.
Cameo question. Jared says Soulless!Sam was fun, would want to play a psycho on Criminal Minds. Jensen says Batman.
Experienced supernatural stuff in real life? Jensen: No. They know better.
Jared tells the story of the haunted hotel room experience he had in Austin.
Jensen: Oldest, biggest hotel west of the Mississippi.
Question about the Impala. Why choose the ‘67? Jensen says Kripke wanted an iconic car, friend told him to go with the Impala if you want to impress people. Mustangs are for pussies.
Question if there is a scene that was cut that they wished had made it in? Jensen: Very few scenes really get cut.
Jensen says that 12x22 could have been a season finale on its own it was so big. Long episode. Says it’s really good, and is excited about it and hopes they didn’t have to cut too much. Jared: Wrap up story lines, shove in a bunch of stuff…reiterating it was a long episode and excited. Re: cutting scenes, Jared says that action is easier to chop down than dialogue.
According to Jensen, Jared is going to sing at the SNS tomorrow night. Jared says the only place he will be singing will be in the shower. He’ll FB live it. (Fan tweeting says it got R rated after that lol).

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Я оборжалась, как ребята вешают улыбки на лица синхронно )) Дженсен так отмахнул муху от Джареда, что Джаред аж испугался )))


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фотоопы пошли:

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самый прикол в том, что они сидели на стеклянном столе, чтобы сидеть рядом, как обычно :lol: а не в этих ужжасно далеких креслах!

Та же мысль. Когда только сели, я подумала, что теперь-то уж не подвинутся друг к другу. Но они нашли выход :-D

2017-05-06 в 08:50 

о, фоточки с фотоопов просто повалили...
все обнимаются, улыбаются)))) без всяких идиотских поз и игрушек

2017-05-06 в 09:16 

Охренеть, никогда не знаешь на чем залипнешь)) Вштырело видео с фотоопов. Конвейер же, а? А Джеи на всех смотрят, действительно же смотрят. Дженсен так ненавязчиво процессом рулит. Джаред каждому хоть слово, но говорит, коснется в конце, руку пожмет, улыбнется.

2017-05-06 в 09:38 

ну солнце же:))))

2017-05-06 в 10:15 

ух ты, сколько красотищи с утра! анончики, спасибо за фото-видео и инфу с кона!!!! :inlove:
от процесса фотоопа аж голова закружилась, офигеть, как они это выдерживают и каждому успевают уделить хоть секунду внимания... понравилось, как они присели возле низенькой девушки))

2017-05-06 в 10:27 

JP сказал , что он любит , чтобы купаться в бассейне со своими детьми и отправлять фотографии на зависть Дженсену. Дженсен: Но обычно я там тоже # AHBL8

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2017-05-06 в 10:33 

Интересно бы было посмотреть панель с переводом. Народ ржет над вопросом, какая бы машина была, если бы Импалы не стало. Джаред предложил фольксваген жук )))

2017-05-06 в 10:34 

Последняя уже со след панели? Им убрали стол? Бедняги :lol:

2017-05-06 в 10:35 

Jensen said there will be something "purgatory-esque" before the end of the season. #ahbl8

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2017-05-06 в 10:54 

J2 AHBL Saturday Q&A Session
*AHBL has strict rules against photos and videos being taken after the first 5 minutes of each panel. Footage and livetweets will likely be very limited.

J2 panel has started, they’re doing a scene in the Impala as they are sitting in the chairs.
J2 are in an excellent mood :)
Jared is fighting with the chair on stage; is now stuck sitting backwards in the chair lol. Jensen: We’re gonna need some olive oil…and some duct taped because he thinks Jared’s pants are ripped/or undone lol.
Jensen has just moved the glass table out of the way so Jared doesn’t break it lol.
J2 start talking about their campaigns. Jared: I’m just one of the cogs in the wheel.
What motivated you to do AKF and YANA? J2 points at the crowd: Y’all.
Jensen: They wanted to cast the oddly tall younger brother first and the handsome one second.
Jensen mentions Dark Angel. Jared *fangirls*
Jared mentions Gilmore Girls. Jensen *fangirls* and crawls under the coffee table lol.
Jared: I am the original Dean. *mic drop*
Jensen: There’s only one Dean. Dean Cain.
Jared & Jensen fangirling over each other is absolutely hilarious.
Jensen: We’ve never been to space…season 13! It’s coming!
Jared is comparing Star Wars and Harry Potter with SPN. Jensen is not buying it: “We’ve never been to space!”
Jared finds many similar personality traits in Sam Winchester and Luke Skywalker.
Jared: I’ve known Sam Winchester for a long time.
Jared mentions how “Fake Ruby” just had her third kid and smiles and fake sobs lol.
Question: What would you do to be alone with yourself? Jensen is having dirty thoughts :P
To unwind, Jared likes sitting in the pool with his kids…and sending photos to Jensen. Jensen: “I’m probably there!” :)))
Jared: I’m a jogger these days. A fight has ensued over whether jogging and running are the same thing and whether it’s an Olympic event lol. Jensen: Just to be clear - I’m an awesome ice skater!
Jared: The important thing is that I didn’t save your life…you saved your life.
Jared: If you are here, I didn’t save your life. You did. It’s your power. I’m here to tell ya I love ya but you did it <3 YOU’RE the badass.
Jared likes Soulless!Sam, Jensen liked purgatory. (spoilers) Hints there is something coming up that is “sort of purgatory-esque.”
Fan starts to ask: If the Impala didn’t exist on Supernatural- Jensen: I wouldn’t exist!
If it didn’t exist, what car would you drive? Fans: A VW Beetle! J2 *mime being squished in a beetle*
J2 just acted out hunting in a Volkswagen Beetle lol!
They go back and forth: Jared: A Volkswagen Beetle. Jensen: The A-Team Van. Jared: The Millennium Falcon.
Audience suggests that J2 would be great in Outlander. Jared: “There’s a lot of nudity on that show.” Jared says he appreciates Sam Heughan’s glutes :P
Jared: “If I wasn’t on TV, I would have a lot of tattoos.” <3
Jared says he loves tattoos and why people get them.
If two characters could meet in an ep? Jared: Sam and Sully again.
Jensen wants to see Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer vs JDM’s John Winchester…but JDM gets to use Negan’s Lucille ;)

2017-05-06 в 10:54 

Джеи в Жуке )))

2017-05-06 в 10:55 

Стулья все же съехались :-D

2017-05-06 в 10:57 

Орги еще раз вывесили предупреждение о фото и видео во время панелей. Вот сволочи

2017-05-06 в 10:58 

Стулья все же съехались
И стол не нужен)

2017-05-06 в 11:01 

Там все в восторге от панелей. Пишут, что Джеи были веселы, шутили, смеялись и заводили зал. Надеюсь, что видео все же будет.

2017-05-06 в 11:06 

о, фоточки с фотоопов просто повалили...
все обнимаются, улыбаются)))) без всяких идиотских поз и игрушек

вот бы на всех конах так - просто и мило.

2017-05-06 в 11:08 

2017-05-06 в 11:16 

Вычитала в твиттере, что фотоопы длились 9 часов. Серьёзно?:wow2:


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