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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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присоединяюсь к благодарности
и еще одно спасибо :heart:

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Джаред, нельзя же так сексапильно микрофон держать, там зал сейчас не выдержит :inlove:

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Джеи вышли и все в зале подняли таблички с цифрой 14 с криками восторгов о продлении. Ребята поблагодарили и сказали, что они здесь ради фанатов.

2018-04-08 в 22:29 

Jared says they finish filming next Thursday.
Jared: there are some lines coming up in the upcoming scripts that he says he’s been waiting YEARS to hear. Jensen asks which lines and Jared whispers them to him. “Oh yeah, that’s a good one. You guys are gonna hate it.” #spnmont

Jensen: wish we could stay a little longer, but we’re filming the end of our season right now... lots of stuff going on, which we’re not gonna tell you about.
Jared: and he hasn’t read the sсript yet, so... #spnmont

Jensen: [the screaming] woke me up.
Jared: when I had to carry him here, he was sleeping, so...

Jared: speaking on behalf of both of us, we really mean it when we say we wouldn’t be here f it weren’t for you guys. #spnmont

Everybody holds up signs for s14! Jared: je t’aime (I love you)! Lots of screaming. Jensen: and bonjour to you, too!

2018-04-08 в 22:30 

Jared talking about how they speak like adults at home, not using words like “hoo-ha.” “We call them what they’re called...” Jensen: what are they called, Jared? #spnmont

Has it ever crossed your mind that you’ll have to give “the talk” to your kids? Jared: it hadn’t!... I’m hoping uncle Jensen will give my kids the talk. #spnmont

2018-04-08 в 22:32 

Jensen- did someone just say we love you misha? I’m just kidding no one ever says that

2018-04-08 в 22:33 

Apparently Shep got in some trouble at daycare because he got all the other kids saying “vagina” 😂 #spnmont

Jared talking about how they speak like adults at home, not using words like “hoo-ha.” “We call them what they’re called...” Jensen: what are they called, Jared?

Shep kept saying vagina in school, “babies come out of the vagina” I hope Shep can be as medical as possible otherwise I’ll send him to Uncle Jensen—Jared
JA to JP : I’m still not convinced YOU know where babies come from” #spnmont lmao

2018-04-08 в 22:34 

Jared wants the Winchester boys to go see some superheroes. “You’re not as tall as I thought!” #spnmont

What other show or movie would you like to see spn do a reference/homage to? Jared mentions the Simpsons again from the gold panel. A friend sent him an article about why spn should do an ep in the DC verse

2018-04-08 в 22:36 

Jensen: I want Winchesters in Jurassic Park. I have a vision of dean running and screaming his head off as a raptor is chasing him

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2018-04-08 в 22:43 

Apparently there’s nothing they could do, so Jensen: “listen. If you can’t get into my room, then I will get into my room.”
Hotel guy: we can’t get in.
Jensen: I’m gonna kick the door in.
Hotel guy: ...okay?
And then Jensen kicked the door in. Left a hole in it. #spnmont

Jensen: keep in mind, it’s late. It’s after midnight. I’m tired. I have to get up early and do a show for you guys... maintenance guy is called, the key doesn’t work. Jensen is getting frustrated... doing a French accent to imitate the other people, lol. #spnmont

Jensen: went down to the lobby to get the key fixed, went back upstairs. Tried it again, still didn’t work... “then Dean started to be born.” Went and tried to get it fixed AGAIN. Guy went up with master key, didn’t work. #spnmont

Jared: what do you mean not in real life? I hear a door was kicked down last night.
Jensen: ...so last night, we came home from dinner, it was a little later than normal... time to go to bed. I went to my room, put the key in... out the key in... #spnmont

Jensen talks about how the show’s crosses into their real lives. One of his fave things is that he gets to do things they wouldn’t get to do in real life, like the stunt driving with Baby, killing vampires, kicking down doors.

2018-04-08 в 22:46 

Jared: so long story short, his favourite part of being on the show is learning important life skills!
Rob asked him later if the idea would’ve crossed his mind if they didn’t kick down doors on the show all the time :P #spnmont

Jared: the upside of that story is that anyone here could’ve spies on you in your sleep last night.
Jensen: I didn’t care at that point.

Jensen looked at the hotel guy, “you’re gonna need a new door. Goodnight.” Closed the broken door and then went to bed.

2018-04-08 в 22:48 

With angels and heaven and stuff on the show, has it changed your beliefs personally? Jared says it hasn’t for him. Jensen says that they usually avoid those kinds of polarizing topics. Jared: hesitate to label themselves with anything bc they don’t want to be separate.

2018-04-08 в 22:53 

фигасе Дженсен терминатор)) это он после визита к пивовару буянил?

2018-04-08 в 22:58 

Jensen talks about visits they’ve had from Make A Wish. “It’s baffling. Like you have a wish, and you use it to come see us?” Talks about a young fan who came up from Australia, spending the day with her on set. #spnmont

Jensen: over the years, there are numerous occasions where we get this... and mimes out carious ways if taking sneaky phone photos :P #spnmont

During the train story situation, there was a fan taking a lot of photos. Jared says he forgot for a moment he was a tv star and was so embarrassed and stuff that he went over to ask her to delete the pictures. Made a deal to take one with her if she got rid of them. #spnmont

Jared: and I was like “Jensen, when did you get here?” #spnmont

Tells the same story from when they were on The Talk about meeting a flight attendant who was a fan of the show. When he mentions the tattoo, and says “prove it”, Jensen turns around and pretends to pull down his pants. #spnmont

Jared mentions having fan experiences “in the wild”, and Jensen makes fun of him. “Was it on a safari...?” #spnmont

Weirdest fan experience? Jared: I don’t like the word “weird”... I’ve had a couple weird fan experiences, like meetings Eddie Vetter, and I was the weird fan.

2018-04-08 в 22:58 

фигасе Дженсен терминатор)) это он после визита к пивовару буянил?

Так они еще после пивовара в ресторан сходили поужинать ))

2018-04-08 в 23:00 

Talking about how Jared calls rollie-polies “doo-doo bugs.” Jensen’s making fun of him, and the two of them go back and forth and it ends in a “doo-doo” joke. Jensen: we’re children.” #spnmont

Any cute or funny stories about kids or families? Jensen: I kicked a door in last night. That was pretty cool. Don’t know if you’ve heard that one. #spnmont

The dad came up to them after, years in his eyes, tells them “I don’t watch your show, but it makes my daughter happy, so thank you.” Jensen says it’ll stay with him for the rest of his life.

2018-04-08 в 23:03 

Jensen: Yeah, my kids don’t do anything... well, my wife- my wife and I, we were together- got a video of JJ. She loves guitars. Doesn’t know how, but she’s great at faking it. Also mentions that Shep was over doing a lot of dancing and acts it out :P #spnmont

Jared says that he is “lizard-catcher level expert.” Talking about how Shep loves catching bugs, lizards, etc.

2018-04-08 в 23:04 

Jensen: not only was I gonna say the same thing, but when he started talking, I knew he was gonna say it. #spnmont

I’m 10-15 years, how do you think you’ll reflect on the fandom? Jared: hopefully in that time, we won’t be reflecting on it because we’ll still be an active part of it.

Jared: we might not see each other as often or have as many new episodes to talk about, but I hope we can still be an active part of each other’s lives

2018-04-08 в 23:08 

Jared talks about how in playing Sam, he’s played a ton of different parts- demon, angel, human, even Jared. It’s a cool opportunity and makes the show unique in that way. #spnmont

Fan asks if they think they’ll be stuck after doing so much spn in terms of getting other roles. Jensen: you mean do you think we’ll be typecast? Be stuck as Sam and Dean Winchester forever? I friggin’ hope so! #spnmont

We got a little bit of singing from Jensen when he teased about singing happy birthday in the lowest tone possible. Also did the rockstar jump!

2018-04-08 в 23:12 

Jensen said that yesterday JJ kept playing guitar while Shep danced at the background. He added "the hits just keep coming with 6 kids"

2018-04-08 в 23:22 

On a recent filming day, after shooting Jensen’s coverage, during Jared’s part, Jensen changed some words in his lines that he refuses to repeat now. #spnmont

Jared jokes that they prefer their pranks to be spur of the moment, so that if the situation arises, “it was temporary insanity!” with no premed...

2018-04-08 в 23:22 

They say it’s not so much about pranks as it is constant shenanigans. Mention how whenever there’s a screen that a guest is looking at, J2 will make sure that the content on the screen is very #spnmont

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