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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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Джаред)))) ржака
анончик, спасибо, что приносишь))

2018-04-15 в 19:42 

There are red ascots tied to J2′s mic stands and a bunch of fans wearing them in the crowd because of the ScoobyNatural ep. Jensen: That’s a whole lotta ass…cots!
Jared puts on the ascot, and he’s also wearing a towel wrapped around his hair/head lol. Apparently, they were doing Jared’s hair backstage :P (I’m assuming maybe his hair was still wet from getting ready so he came out with the towel on his head lmao, can’t wait to see the videos).
Jared is wearing a Louden Swain Bandaged Hand shirt :)
Ruth told the fans in a previous panel to ask Jared to do the leprechaun dance aka his impression of her and he does it lol.
Jared replaces the towel with his beanie and has found the drums. Jensen: What is happening behind me?
When were they confident about being picked up? Jared: Season 4, maybe…
Jensen called Sam the lead character of the show.
Referring to another series the network tried to pick up years ago that was similar to SPN (including a ghost hunter named Sam), Jared: I wrote about it in FDEWB, the network didn’t realize there was a long-running show with a ghost hunter named Sam.
Jared: There’s something I’ve always wanted to see on the show. It’s happening the end of this season.
Jensen: We’re getting to something we’ve wanted to explore for a long time at the end of this season.
Jensen is looking forward to spending time at FBBC this summer.
Someone asks where Jesus is on the show and Jensen points to Jared lol.
Jensen tells a story about how Jason Manns hugged Jensen’s friend Ty so hard he passed out.
Jared after Jensen pulled his beanie off: Don’t look behind the curtain!
J2 were bummed when Eileen died and love on Shoshannah Stern. They’re hoping she’ll be back on the show someday.
Jensen: Essentially our wives have to deal with a fourth child when we’re home lol.
Context? Jensen to Jared: Well said.
Jensen: The producing we do is on the day, a line change or something like that.
J2 thank the fans before leaving the stage :)

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ой, какая у Джареда яркая футболка
аж непривычно)

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So much Ostroff shade holy shit J2 lmao
“You know the longest running genre show; you don’t even know the name of the show on your network?you put it on Friday nights to die and it’s not dying”—JA 😂 #SpnNash

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Fan : Where Jesus is

хоть и вранье, но приятно, что с такими особами сравнивают :)

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хоть и вранье, но приятно, что с такими особами сравнивают

мне нравится улыбка Джареда, когда он руку Дженсена увидел))

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— Почему нас не восхваляют?!
— О несравненный султан, затмевающий блеском солнца, и все светила, и всех владык мира!
— Вы мои дорогие!

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Ничего не поняла. Может кто-нибудь объяснит про что Джаред говорит:shy:

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Finally finished watching the panel I’m in tears , Jared wants to put his acting career on hold for a while , Jensen would like to direct and if there was an opportunity for Jared to work on the same project w/ Jensen he’d do that 😭 #spnnash


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