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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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@JensenAckles : @jarpad does an incredible moonwalk.... #SPNNash

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J2 NashCon 2018 Main Panel
J2 panel starts with a “Good afternoon, Nashville” after the boys do their intro jump!
Jared: We love Nashville. Jensen: Like four people clapped
Fans started shouting where they were from so Jared is singing the States and Jensen is so done lmao. He does the “Hey y’all” wave with Jared when Jared gets to Texas in the song :P
Jensen is confused by a question (I think) and Jared is getting clarification.
Jared: Do you look at people on set? Jensen: Not directly. Because they’re not allowed to look at me.
Jensen: Jared does an incredible moonwalk. Jared’s version of the moonwalk is slowly walking across the stage with giant steps/jumping acting like he’s on the moon lol
Happy laughing boys :)
Jensen pretending to sleep during Jared’s long answer.
Referring to a young fan, Jared: She was a child when she started watching. You’re old! (to Jensen lol). Jensen: Thanks! Jared to Jensen: What year were you on Days of Our Lives? Jensen: ‘97. Jared: She wasn’t born yet!
Jared: I think Sam would rather die than have Dean die. Jensen says same for Dean, vice versa.
Jensen if he was on a road trip he would put on an AC/DC track
Smiley boys keep teasing each other lol
Fan to Jared: I was so distracted by your hair… Jensen feels the same :P
J2 talk about supporting their children in their future job choices.
Jared looking for a rim shot lol!
Jensen just made a Back to the Future reference.
Jensen acts out that time a bowl of blood prop was falling and Jared leaped away screaming lol (on the gag reel)
J2 talking about the Andy Warhol-esque pictures from The French Mistake.
Jared: I have that picture of Sam riding a horse from The French Mistake. Jensen: It’s on your headboard. Jared: How would you know? Jensen: Ask Gen. Audience: OOOHHHHHHH Jensen to the audience: She told me!
Fan asks if Sam went to confession in s13 like he did in Sacrifice in s8, what would his greatest sin be? Jared says that Sam would still say that his greatest sin would be when Sam fails Dean *cries*
Jensen thought “bae” was just people being too lazy to type/write/say baby. Jared explains to Jensen what it means.
Jensen’s pet peeve when people texting him is when they write out thx. “HOW HARD IS IT TO WRITE OUT THANKS?”
Boys still cracking each other up lol :)
J2 asked: 500 years in the past or future? Both lifted their mics simultaneously and said “Future!”
Jared says he wouldn’t want to live in the past because of the intolerance for women, minorities, LGBTQ, etc. Jared wants to live in a world where we progress towards equality. Jared: My jam is everyone being equal, regardless of who they love or if they are a man or a woman. Jared said Gen liked simpler times but Jared’s glad that today we’re moving towards acceptance.
Jensen turns to Jared after being asked what he uses for hair care and doing chin hands lol.
Jared admitted that he uses hair growing shampoo (Nioxin) because he thought he was going to go bald, but he just has a big forehead :P
J2 are making fun of Trump’s hair flapping in the wind lmao!
If they were on Sesame Street, Jared would play Big Bird. Jensen: If Jared is gonna play Big Bird, I wanna play Oscar the Grouch.
Jared just called Jensen a hot dad.
Their first cars? Jared: ‘69 Camaro. Jensen: Four-wheel Nissan Pathfinder two-door.
Will they continue acting after SPN? I think Jensen said yes, maybe directing when not acting. Jared: After SPN, I’d like to get a call from him or someone and do a small part in something. When SPN is over he wants to spend a lot less time in front of the cameras and a lot more time “in front of my kiddos.”
Asked about experiences with real hauntings or ghosts (last question?). Jared tells the story of the haunted hotel in Austin - the Driskill Hotel. Jensen talks about filming into a haunted location and he goes through the basement to get to lunch quicker. Says he feels someone watching him and he turns around: “I dare you!” *walks faster* lol
Rich comes on stage: I’m sure that ghost has a scary story, too. “One time I was minding my own business and Jensen Ackles yelled at me.”
(No more tweets after that, so we’ll have to wait for the videos for the rest! ;))

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какие же чмошники бывают некоторые фанаты, и обязательно достается Джареду.

2018-04-16 в 06:26

у Джареда всегда изумительно выходят вот такие фото фес-ту-фейс :inlove:

Jared wants to put his acting career on hold for a while

Джаред хочет приостановить на время карьеру? Еще бы: тут сколько не старайся, орут "Дженсен-Мышаня", вот пусть и смотрят на великого актера "Мышу Коллинза".

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Finally finished watching the panel I’m in tears , Jared wants to put his acting career on hold for a while , Jensen would like to direct and if there was an opportunity for Jared to work on the same project w/ Jensen he’d do that 😭 #spnnash
Я не совсем понял - это Джеи сказали, что хорошо бы Джареду работать с Дженсеном-режиссером или фанатка домыслила?

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что хорошо бы Джареду работать с Дженсеном-режиссером или фанатка домыслила?

фраза звучит как: если бы у Джареда была возможность поработать с Дженсеном над одним проектом, то он бы это сделал.

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Джаред в полотенце такой забавный :) И черно-белые фотки Джареда хороши до безумия :inlove:

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смотришь на первое фото и жалеешь, что нельзя сжечь все бини Джареда, чтобы он такую красоту не прятал :inlove:

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смотришь на первое фото и жалеешь, что нельзя сжечь все бини Джареда
Не надо, это его security blanket.

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смотришь на первое фото и жалеешь, что нельзя сжечь все бини Джареда Не надо, это его security blanket.

а Клифф на что? :D

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совсем опоздали, судя по лицам :)

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