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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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Интересно, когда Джаред собирался уйти и почему...

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Dean, I hurt Sammy!
Sam, Dean hurt me!

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J2 SPNUK 2018 Main Panel

J2 come out on stage at the end of Misha’s panel and they both hug him as he leaves.
J2 are joking about doing a Saturday panel since they normally only do Sundays.
Jensen: No one understands Jared he’s an enigma lol
Jensen now teasing Rich.
Jared: Has anyone been to a convention before? We’ve been doing this for 10 years where the fuck have you been? Jensen: Someone just said they weren’t born yet :P
J2 finished filming 2 weeks ago.
Jared is jetlagged but happy to be here.
J2 threaten the fans with spoilers lol.
Jared says this is the first time there is a confession (concession?) stand in a convention hall.
Jared has somehow changed food into pasties and the stripping music has started. Jared’s pronunciation of pasties is cracking everyone up.
The J2 panel has descended into nipple tassles and Jensen just did a nipple tassle.
Jared: Don’t call them fanny packs in the UK, call them bum bags! Jensen: They call it sun cream! Jensen is blown away that they call it that lol. “Why do we call it sunscreen? It’s not a screen at all.”
Jensen to Jared: You’ve got sun cream and pasties in your bumbag!
Jensen about a bartender: Wow, he was kind of a dick to me… he was kind of a sausage roll.
J2 agree Adam would be pissed if he finally got out of the cage. Jensen would love to have Jake back on the show, Jared thinks Adam would be pissed but relieved. Jensen: He’s messed with the Winchester’s before and look where it got him.
Fan: What personality trait from your character is most like you? Jared: My hair. Jensen: Yeah [his hair] has a personality of its own!
Jared reads instruction booklets. He and Sam are similar in that way of study first before doing something, likes to research. Jensen and Dean both loved baked desserts, good music, as well as just fix things however they can. Dean thinks he can fix things with a can of WD-40 and a roll of duct tape. Jensen: Do they even have WD-40 here?”
Jared says Jensen laughs at him at times, Jensen mouths silently “A lot” lol
Jared: Shep’s a quirky kid. Jensen: *pats hand over heart* Jared: Yeah, they’re kindred spirits, these two (Jensen and Shep) <3
Jensen just whispered something to Jared and then he started cracking up even more.
Jared took off his jacket. Jensen checks his watch, “Right on time.” Jared then goes for his belt. Jensen, checks watch, “Oh, a little early.”
J2 making each other laugh :)
J2 are whispering to each other and doing full body laughs.
Jared: I think if you’re acting properly, then you’re learning something about your character.
Jared: Happens a lot when they read the sсript and notice things Sam wouldn’t do but also gives him a chance to explore and then realize after doing the scene that it makes sense.
Jared said he doesn’t think Sam would’ve lived with Amelia.
Jensen: Sometimes they challenge back the writers if something doesn’t make sense. He says 9 times out of 10 writers get it right/they’ll find a happy medium.
Jensen: You get a bro hug in the next episode. He said they made it unique like a “hey, are you okay?” hug.
J2 find little challenges in each sсript that they’re not sure how they’re gonna play until they shoot the scene.
Jared: Option 3 just change the scene and don’t tell the writers lol. Jensen says sometimes they just plain change it without telling the writers.
Jared: Jensen and I love Alex. Alex reminds him of a young Misha and messes with him lol. Favorite part of s13 for Jared was Alex, says he’s so gracious and talented and it was great having him there. Enjoyed showing him the ropes, welcoming him to the family.
Jensen: A few months ago we actually had to stop filming because it was raining so hard! Perhaps the 2nd time in 13 years. Jared wasn’t filming and was in his trailer wondering what was taking so long lol.
Jensen: “The physicality of what I had to do during the season finale was a challenge.”
The snow with Ketch in the AU was not planned. Jensen says that the cast and crew making this day work (re: rain and snow) are the moments he’s most proud of.
A fan said something and Jared didn’t understand what she said so she repeated it and apologized and Jared said “it’s okay” in the softest way.
Unlike Jared, Jensen doesn’t like to read ahead unless he has to in order to keep it all straight in his head.
Did Jensen know what John said to Dean in 2x01 (when he whispered about him maybe having to kill Sam)? He did not. He doesn’t read far in advance sсript wise so he doesn’t accidentally bring something from one sсript to another.
Jared doesn’t think even the writers knew for sure what John said. Sort of go with the flow and see what works.
At times Jared will be reviewing a scene with him and Jensen has no clue what he’s talking about cause he hasn’t read it lmao. Kevin Parks will also sometimes come in to discuss future scenes, still not getting Jensen hasn’t read it yet and he’ll try to bullshit.
J2 both just rubbed and twitched their noses in sync :P
The writers are currently working out the next season from the huge cliffhanger left at the end of Season 13
JP: Sam wasn’t meant to be soulless for so long and Amelia longer but writers adapted due to the level of success.
Jared would tell his past self to “buy bitcoin.” lol
Jared “I almost lived parallel to Sam. I sort of grew up with Sam.”
Jared says if he could see a glimpse of the future he would say no, he doesn’t want to know the future.
Jared used to have a lot of issues with the industry, wanted to get out (early seasons it sounds like) and even spoke to his lawyers about leaving the show without being sued. “I talked to my on-screen brother, Jensen” and Jensen told him “we can do this,” that they could get through it.
Advice for past character? Jared thinks Sam (& him) had to go through what they did to get where they are.
Jensen: “If I could talk to my season 1 self, I’d say settle in.” Jensen says he never used to settle into jobs because “I’ve never been on a show longer than a season or two.”
Jared prefers “life is long” to “life is short.” Life is short gives him anxiety. “Life is long. Be the person who you want to be. Live now how you want to look back and remember who you’ve been.”
Jensen: “Somebody once said, people aren’t gonna remember the things you had planned, they’re gonna remember what you’ve done.”
Jared can hear an annoying blender in the background: “I hope that’s a great smoothie.”
“it’s the vapers” - Jensen when Jared shouted turn the blender off… there’s a vape convention in this building lmao.
Jared’s favorite monster death was Lilith because of the cool build up! Jensen’s fave death was Alastair.
Jared on mental health prejudice: “I think we’ve come a long way but I feel like there’s still a long way to go.” He feels the same about gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.
Fan: “I came from Hungary for you guys.” Jared “I just ate so I’m not hungry.” :P
Jared just got a semi-rimshot from Norton. Make that two!
Jared: “YES! Two rim shots.” Jensen “Stop saying that!”
Jared: Had to fly across the pond to get a rimshot…w/ innuendos lol.
Fan: Does your character leak into everyday life? Jensen: Absolutely Jared: She said leaked not licked. Jensen: I know that? Jared: Okay it’s just the accent sounded like- Jensen: Not to anyone else!
Jensen: “I have had moments where Dean leaked….” Cracking up lol
Jensen: “one of the ways that Jared and I bridge the distance at work is, we FaceTime our kids.”
Last question: Did their kids ever want to be on the show & would they let them? Jensen: No. They FaceTime a lot but Jensen is often in bloody make-up. JJ thinks it’s disgusting & doesn’t want to work where he does.
They keep saying Uncle Jared and Uncle Jensen it’s cute as hell.
Jared: A baby pic of Tom was in a scene. He also says that the kids were on set and watching daddy and Uncle Jensen creeping upstairs with flashlights and Shep grabbed Uncle Ackles’ flashlight and joined in thinking they weren’t actually playing pretend :)

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Спасибо за фотки! :heart:

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Jensen: recording in a studio takes a lot of time which they don’t have unfortunately but maybe in the future will go back to record


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Jared: as a kid would come out with his cowboy outfit & only his underwear making his neighbors laugh😂😂


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Jensen: had a cowboy hat w/ fringed vest & toy gun to wear everyday & mom would have to remind him to put his pants on 😂


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