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Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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2018-09-30 в 18:25 

“When will we see your wives at the con?”
Jensen: you’ll have to ask them because they’re strong independent women and when we suggest something they’re like oh that’s cute but I’m going to do what I want #SPNNJ

2018-09-30 в 18:28 

J2 NJCon 2018 Gold Panel
Happy 100th con!
J2 were filming until 2am yesterday.
Jensen: It was me, Jared, Clif, and JJ at the Natural History Museum yesterday. JJ was like, will you carry me? I said no, but Uncle Jared will :)
Jared is thrilled because his shirt has pockets! (Seems he needed one of his own after falling in love with Jensen’s shirt pockets lol).
Jared: I’m getting questions now like how are babies made… Jensen: And it’s, go ask Uncle Jensen.
Jensen on when Arrow and Zepp were both saying I love you: This must be what heaven feels like.
Genevieve sent Jared a cute video of her and Odette yesterday and Jared is looking for it on his phone.
Jared: We both romanticized about cutting our hair during the writers strike (in season 3) and he did it. I didn’t because it was winter!
Jensen: I think I have cut Jared’s hair.
Jared: The Impala we destroyed in season 1 was the wrecked one in “The End.”
Jared: Yes, I have some ideas for tattoos. But Jensen can attest it takes a while to cover up.
Jensen has more tattoos planned out.
Jared shows the video of Gen and Odette.
Jared talks about the train story after a fan asks if Gen got her bag back, says Richard has a pic of him standing next to the broken train stopper.
Jensen did 9 hours of the fight scene in Cain’s kitchen with no stunt double because that’s who he was fighting.
The boys talked about working with their wives.
Jensen: Yeah, we’d need somebody to watch the kids. Half the crowd: I’LL DO IT I VOLUNTEER! Jared: So nobody?
Jared to fan: If you’re an older sibling like Dean is, you’re a great big sister.
Jensen: I thought Dean would need his dad more, but realized he needed to have the confrontation with his mom to heal.

2018-09-30 в 21:10 

Посмотрела это видео и сразу же подумала, как похожа эта толстуха на Даниэлу с Римкона )) а оказывается, это она и есть ))

2018-09-30 в 21:11 

Интересно, что она забыла там)

2018-09-30 в 21:18 

Гостинцы привезла:gigi:

2018-09-30 в 21:35 

2018-09-30 в 23:15 

2018-09-30 в 23:16 

2018-09-30 в 23:35 

.@jarpad : when you thank me for #AKF, it was this guy who impacted me for 10 years before I felt comfortable speaking out. So applause for @JensenAckles. #tissues #SPNNJ

.@jarpad : the scene of sam and Dean carving their initials, it felt real, it felt like us thinkong about someday this will be over #SPNNJ @JensenAckles

2018-09-30 в 23:45 

New funniest behind the scenes moments? @jarpad “The hazing of @Alex8Calvert has gone way too far and will continue to go on” @JensenAckles “every time he hits the floor, it’s like asking for a doggy pile.” #SPNNJ

Jared says his goal for this season is to have a two hour gag reel. #SPNNJ

.@JARPAD is more interested in /why/ people fight than in actual fights. He wants to know what makes people tick.
@JensenAckles: So let me get this straight. Instead of explosions and action in the fight, you want Inside the Actor's Studio? #SPNNJ #NJcon

Jensen forever shading the Micheal/Lucifer fight scene s13 finale, “it was like a puppet show”
Lmaoooo #SPNNJ

Jared likes to read non-fiction books :’)

2018-09-30 в 23:54 

Favorite part of directing: being able to tell Jared what to do...and then him not listening and doing what he wants anyway—JA lmaooo #SPNNJ

After show over:
“Ask us when or if show starts to slow down”—JA
Stop acting and if a buddy calls and needs me , dream job not a regularjib but a phone call from a friend”—JP #SPNNJ

2018-10-01 в 00:09 

.@jarpad realizes it's not up to him to control how people see him. There's nothing he can do to change if someone wants to dislike him or what he says on stage, it's just his job to go up & give himself & be himself without letting what others think of him so him. #SPNNJ #NJcon

2018-10-01 в 10:02 

2018-10-01 в 10:07 


читать дальше

2018-10-01 в 13:33 

@jarpad really love a shirt with pockets 😍😍😃💖💖
#JaredPadalecki #JensenAckles #SPNNJ #SPNFamily

2018-10-01 в 15:00 

Аноны, я глухая? Уже раз 20 послушала и не слышу «дядя», когда Дженсен говорит, что Джаред понесёт JJ.

2018-10-01 в 15:07 

и не слышу «дядя», когда Дженсен говорит, что Джаред понесёт JJ.
Он говорит unсle, только очень и очень быстро.

2018-10-01 в 15:25 

Chris Schmelke


Hard to find a better group to turn 100 with..
as my son always says...

“I’ll love you forever”


2018-10-01 в 15:27 

Chris Schmelke
Фотка с этого кона?

2018-10-01 в 16:38 

Ну судя по рубашке Дженсена - да ))

2018-10-03 в 17:41 

Есть фанаты ДДМа? На каких конах он был в 2017-2018? А можно ли как-то узнать на каких конах был тот или иной актер?

2018-10-03 в 18:02 

На супервики открываешь кон и там список гостей


2018-10-03 в 18:03 

А если ты вообще о всех конах, а не спн, тогда залезаешь в твиттер или инсту к актеру и просматриваешь. Они чаще всего рекламируют свои коны.

2018-10-03 в 18:17 


2018-10-10 в 23:53 

2018-10-13 в 02:40 

Creation Entertainment
GUYS! ICYMI @JensenAckles will be performing with @LoudenSwain1
at our Official Supernatural Convention Saturday Night Special on October 20! WOOHOOOO!! #SPNVAN #SNS

+con Seattle 8-10 February

2018-10-13 в 22:12 

2018-10-15 в 19:24 


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