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Титановый модер
Дайте новый тред про коны, пожалуйста.

(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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@темы: Коны

2019-06-23 в 23:27 

How was the Winchesters' parenting? @Alex8Calvert : I don't know would you lock your child in a box? Wait some of you said yes! #SPNDallas


2019-06-23 в 23:31 

Аноны, а разъясните вот это, плз!

Fan: My husband has a long torso…
Jensen: You know what they say about guys with long torsos-
Fan: It’s not true.
Jensen and Jared: *die*
Fan: We call it jumbo shrimp.
Jensen: That’s Jared’s new nickname.

2019-06-23 в 23:33 

Fan: what’s it like to work with Jensen, Jared, and Misha
Alex: it’s like ... being excited to go to work. But being worried about what they’ve got planned for me today

Another fan asks for story with J2
Alex: I feel like all my panels turn into ‘tell us about something traumatic that happened to you’

2019-06-23 в 23:33 

Q: What was your first impression of J2?
Rob: Tall. As a short person I’ve always been aware I was the shortest guy in the room but when your with guys that tall it’s scary. I was intimidated at first but they turned out to be two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

2019-06-23 в 23:47 

Jared pointed out that his and Jensen's parents are both here. We also saw them all hanging out together earlier in the vendor's room! #SPNDAL #DallasCon #SPNDallas

2019-06-23 в 23:56 

.@jarpad has been running around a lot. @JensenAckles says, "I'm sorry. He's usually better than this. He gets nervous around his mom and dad."
Jared: it's true 😔 #SPNDAL #DallasCon #SPNDallas

Fan: thank you for existing
Jared: you can thank those 4 people right there (points to their parents)
Fan: why did you open bar/brewery?
Jared: mom, dad, shut your ears. When I was under 21, I had a fake ID..
Jensen: I never had a fake ID. I had a friend's ID

Meanwhile, @JensenAckles gives a long intentionally boring answer about profit margins and finding a hole in the market to explain why he and Jared both started businesses related to beer.
@jarpad: It was because beer. #SPNDAL #DallasCon #SPNDallas

2019-06-24 в 00:05 

Jared: my parents taught me to do the best I can. They didn't have the money I have. They gave more to me, my brother, & sister. They gave themselves to us. I hope to do a similar job to my 3 children.
Jensen: my parents gave me the gift of laughter. Constant laughter

.@jarpad doesn't recommend acting as a career but as a calling. He's had a lot of luck, but there were years there of eating ramen. It's not always easy or glamorous but you have to do it because you love it, not to be famous or paid. #SPNDAL #DallasCon #SPNDallas

.@JensenAckles : I've done some voice over work that's not out yet #SPNDallas

2019-06-24 в 00:10 

Q: what is one theme you would want someone to take from the show?
Jared: Texas
Jensen: via Kansas

.@JensenAckles “these brothers fight for each other and fight for what they think is right” on what he wants someone to take away from the show. #SPNDallas

Jensen says when he first went to LA, his dad said “make sure you stand for something or you’re fall for anything” and he thinks that’s what Sam and Dean are all about #SPNDALLAS

2019-06-24 в 00:12 

Q: What’s the most difficult thing you think the boys will face next?
Jared: We had a several hour meeting with the shows directors and writers so we know how the show will end. I’m not going to spoil it. But I’ll say the last scene of SPN will be... #SPNDallas

2019-06-24 в 00:28 

People in this crowd are shouting so many answers. It's like none of them actually care what Jared and Jensen's answers are, as long as everyone knows theirs. 🙄

2019-06-24 в 00:38 

The girl was reading the question off her phone about the French Mistake and Jared saw she wrote another question about sexy moves and decide to answer that one instead. 😂😂😂 #SPNDallas #DallasCon

Jensen & Jared’s sexy moves 😂👌❤️ #SPNDallas

2019-06-24 в 01:15 

какие же красивые, не могу

2019-06-24 в 03:59 

2019-06-24 в 04:25 

2019-06-24 в 04:37 

2019-06-24 в 14:56 

Jensen was very sweet in my auto. He won't be at Supernatural Day on Tuesday, but he was happy to take the book I made for them this year. #SPNDallas
Jared didnt say one way or the other.

2019-06-25 в 22:30 

2019-06-25 в 22:30 

2019-06-26 в 09:39 

Ohhhh New Orleans got added to Supernatural Conventions next year 😱😱😱✈️✈️✈️ /

2019-06-27 в 00:16 

10:30–11:30 a.m. Supernatural Special Video Presentation and Q&A — Hall H

2019-06-28 в 03:58 

Creation так и не добавили Даллас.

2019-06-28 в 09:39 

Ну если написали, что добавят, значит может еще добавят. Супервики уже добавили на сайте

2019-06-28 в 20:05 

Как говорится - "умер Максим, да и х*й с ним " :gigi:


2019-06-28 в 20:08 

Кто там из-за Далласа переживал?
открывать осторожно

2019-06-28 в 21:30 

Как говорится - "умер Максим, да и х*й с ним " :gigi:

Может подготовили фанатов к тому, что он в пустоту уйдет?

2019-06-28 в 21:39 

Может подготовили фанатов к тому, что он в пустоту уйдет?
Да сто раз уже готовили и обламывали. Не надейся, анончик, финал касомордия подпортит однозначно.

2019-06-28 в 22:42 

Может, я внезапно стала оптимистом, но такое чувство, что он подпортит мидл финал.


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