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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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2019-04-14 в 23:34 


@jarpad: Anyone running the Boston Marathon asst 6 am tomorrow?
@JensenAckles: ☺️ NOPE. * indicates audience and himself* SMART PEOPLE.
Then he teases Jared that with all the cancelled flights, he might also not be running it. #SPNCHI #chicon

.@JensenAckles is going to direct in Season 15 and imagined there will probably be a lot of behind the scenes carries, though they don't know what it'll look like.
#SPNCHI #chicon

2019-04-14 в 23:35 

Fan asked why cas initials weren’t engraved on the table
Jared: because he’s not a Winchester
Jensen: Who? #spnchi

.@jarpad @JensenAckles : we'll walk into the bunker one day and the table will be like a guest book, everyone's initials in it #SPNCHI

.@jarpad jokes that Cas should sign the under side of the table.
@JensenAckles says he should sign a chair or something easily removable, but did they can easily be like "SAM, CAS IS HERE. BRING BACK THE CHAIR." #SPNCHI #chicon

2019-04-14 в 23:41 

2019-04-14 в 23:43 

Мда. Фанатов Коллинза жизнь ничему не учит. На одни и те же грабли лол

2019-04-14 в 23:45 

Advice for someone about to do theatre?
@Jarpad: You've done theatre way more recently than me.
I love this: "You're gonna be nervous. Use it."
Jared adds that things will go off plan. Be ready for that moment & embrace it. #SPNCHI

Wowowow! @JensenAckles says someone asked him why he does what he does and he says that it's because it makes him feel alive. That nervousness that Congress before a performance is scary but it's how you know you're alive and it's beautiful. What a great answer. #SPNCHI #chicon

.@JensenAckles : after @jarpad pranked @mishacollins squeezing his thigh and Misha pranked back they both looked like they'd been at a bondage party. Jared: we did that later... #SPNCHI

They got asked what they would ask a super fan after being asked what question they wish someone would ask.
@jarpad: I've never been asked so many questions about what questions I want.
@JensenAckles: They've run out of things to ask us. Don't you see what's happening??? #SPNCHI

2019-04-14 в 23:54 

2019-04-14 в 23:55 

favorite parts of chicago #spnchi #chicon
JP: rock & roll mcdonalds
JA: river park area, big star ⭐️

Jared came to Chi in high school. He'd never encountered someone asking for $ so when asked for change he said, "Sorry, I only have large bills."
@jarpad: I could see in his face he was thinking "I should rob this kid probably? He's too dumb. He'll need that to get home." #SPNCHI

Jensen, Danneel, and Misha went out to dinner at Big Star (tacos and bourbon) a few years ago in Chicago. Danneel had the hottest pepper ever, started crying.. so Misha tried one, and they ended up pouring water on their faces at the table. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Jensen refused to try one.

JP: we’ve aged, I don’t know if we’ve grown up in 15 years
JA: we have definitely aged, we pushed pause on maturity #spnchi #chicon

.@jarpad : I went from a wannabe to a has been in one show! #SPNCHI @JensenAckles

2019-04-14 в 23:59 

Jensen: dean's emotional journey has made its way into my real life. I get to be dean Winchester, not Jensen and I get to use my real life bottled up emotions that I can't release irl, on set. It's one if the greatest experiences of my life

It’s been a journey of a lifetime playing this character along side with Jared all these years .....—JA
We can also use it as an escape from RL, almost like a therapy session—JA #spnchi

.@jarpad : I've learned to forgive myself just as Sam and Dean have learned to forgive @JensenAckles #SPNCHI

2019-04-15 в 00:10 

Earliest childhood memory
JP: swimming. A race against millions. (Crowd dies)serious answer: learns to ride a bike at 3 or 4
JA: every day he would crawl out of bed, get up and put his leather sheriffs outfit on and go outdoors and play whatever, climbing fences #spnchi #chicon

J2 still want brothers doing laundry
Jared and Jensen talking about laundry detergent
“I’m proud to be a Gain man”—JP
“I’m soft already”—JA lmao 😎 #spnchi

They enjoyed seeing different aspects to the characters and pairings. Sam/Cas hunting trips and Dean/Jack. It’s great for the story and character development. #spnchi #chicon

Someone recently gave JJ a gift & she just looked at it and was like, "There's no pink on it."
@JensenAckles: So I had to give her a daddy lecture about how it doesn't matter what you get, you say thank you.
JJ: But what if there's no pink on it?
This kid gets me. #SPNCHI #chicon

2019-04-15 в 00:23 

So Tom says the “F” word in school. Has “uck” in it and it’s not “firetruck”
@JensenAckles: “wonder where he got that from”
@jarpad’s internal though: shit. 🤣
Oh dear lord,
They grow up so fast!

Girl: if you two were hunters in real life what would you drive?
Jared ; TANK
jared: a James bond kinda car that can go invincible when you go under water

Most fun they've had on set.
@jarpad answers broadly: falling in love with his wife, meeting life-long friends.
@JensenAckles talks about moments they've gone out of their way to create: ping pong competitions, the first day of autumn when they play baseball, etc. #SPNCHI #chicon

How often to you actually eat the food in scenes?
JA: I’ve gotten very good at taking one bite at the beginning of the scene and just have it in my hand the rest of the time. #spnchi #chicon

JP: also biting into the already bitten hamburger.
JA: food can be in the scene constantly but never in the mouth. Very few times I actually need the spit bucket. #spnchi #chicon

That one scene where Dean put spaghetti in a taco? It was Jensen’s idea. “The things we do for art.” 😂 #SPNChi

2019-04-15 в 00:41 

Анон, ты супер :white:

2019-04-15 в 00:59 

The photo op ticket for Jensen says Jack and im living #SPNCHI

2019-04-15 в 01:01 

J2 Panel - SPN Chicago, IL

2019-04-15 в 04:16 

A few years back I got a message on a dating website that was just one question. I answered. 5 years later, we’re married. Fandom brings people together, at its best. Thanks, @JensenAckles & @jarpad. #SPNCHI #Supernatural #SPNFamily

2019-04-15 в 04:23 

2019-04-15 в 04:23 

.@dicksp8jr : I loved the scene where it's revealed I'm Gabriel with @jarpad and @JensenAckles. It was old school acting and they were so prepared and I really enjoyed it #SPNCHI t.co/ryrR7qjzXz

2019-04-15 в 04:29 

I think ⁦@jarpad⁩ would be a spectacular director. He is an emotional guy who has spent his adult life on sets and would be fantastic at guiding actors to “go there” with their characters. ⁦@dicksp8jr⁩ #spnchi

2019-04-15 в 04:36 

2019-04-15 в 04:40 

Fun on set? Between filming he and I have always filled that time with a lot of fun things #SPNCHI @JensenAckles t.co/H9eLKJgf7L

2019-04-15 в 04:43 

в 04:33
Джеи прекрасны. Обстебали Каса с ног до головы и вообще стебанулись над всеми там знатно. Милахи.

И по моему Дженсен пытается там витиевато сказать, что ему не понравилась идея с добавлением инициалов Мэри к их инициалам.

2019-04-15 в 04:46 

по моему Дженсен пытается там витиевато сказать, что ему не понравилась Я так же поняла

2019-04-15 в 04:58 

Дженсен молодец. Он вообще честный товарищ. Его ответ когда спрашивали про Каса: а о ком идет речь? это было 5 баллов. И с этими инициалами тоже. По сути он говорит что инициалы братьев это символ, который значил для него очень много, и что он рад был возвращению Мэри, но...В общем, это следует понимать, что Мэри Винчестер - пятое колесо.

2019-04-15 в 06:48 

Да вроде ничего витиеватого он не сказал. Есть иконы и есть подмалевки к ним. Подмалевки снижают ценность икон, что многих раздражает и его в том числе. Он достаточно прямо высказался, что мэрины инициалы там были лишние.

2019-04-15 в 08:20 

2019-04-15 в 11:15 

2019-04-17 в 03:48 

Вдруг кто не знает - Надин выложила перевод небольшого кусочка с Завтрака

2019-04-18 в 10:49 

August: Salute to Supernatural Denver 2020
June: Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2020
April: Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2020
February: Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2020

2019-04-18 в 17:28 

The girl before me for Jared ops had a pride flag and asked for him to wrap it around them for a hug (which he did) after they were done she went to leave but he pulled her back and said “I am SO proud of you” with the most sincere look on his face and I think about that alot♥️


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