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@темы: Сериальный

2019-10-01 в 17:16 

спасибо, анон. А на послушать тоже есть ссылка?

2019-10-01 в 17:25 

2019-10-01 в 17:59 

Ой, а это откуда?

2019-10-01 в 20:37 

Ну я не знала, что они были с Маннерсом так близки. чтобы знать вот это -
he was like you'd love them.. they are great...these kids are great...He was in love with what they were doing and what they were like as human beings

Они встречались на площадке иксфайлов и по слухам его хотели вернуть в седьмом сезоне, но тогда Дэвид Духовны ушел на вольные хлеба и продюссерам пришлось изменять линию сериала и вводить новых второстепенников

2019-10-01 в 20:41 

Но знать, как Маннерс любил Джеев, он должен был с ним общаться уже после начала съемок Сверхъестественного. Маннерс говорил, что практически переехал тогда в Ванкувер, а Марк снимался в ЛА

2019-10-02 в 18:52 

@WhatsFilming found #Supernatural down on Boundary Rd south of Marine drive. Filming at a bar called "Swayze's". Picture isn't the greatest though

2019-10-02 в 21:29 

Миша у Розенбаума:
"Everyone’s gonna be crying
It’s gonna be a shit show in that department
I don’t know how THEY ARE gonna actually shoot anything on that final day"

Задумалась - все-таки его в финале не будет?

2019-10-02 в 22:29 

Question: On Supernatural, Jack killed Sam and Dean’s mother, so every time they see him it will be a trigger. How does the show plan to deal with the tension that should exist between Sam, Dean and Jack? —Adder
Ausiello: Since Jack won’t be coming back from The Empty in the near future, all those complicated feelings are something Sam and Dean will “deal with down the road,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb previews. But when they do eventually confront them, “I think Dean understands that Jack was manipulated [by God],” Dabb muses. “Very clearly what God wanted to happen was Jack kills Mary, [and] the guys get so mad they kill Jack. So whose fault is it really? Is it Jack’s fault? Is it God’s fault? I’m not saying they’re going to excuse Jack from that, but it raises a lot of questions about free will.”

2019-10-02 в 23:09 

Как же Джек не скоро выйдет из пустоты, если он в первых сериях уже был?

2019-10-03 в 04:07 

2019-10-03 в 11:58 

может, хватит истерики?

2019-10-03 в 12:07 

Подаст Майки Р. с Джаредом

2019-10-03 в 12:08 

2019-10-03 в 12:16 

Упс. Ссылка twitter.com/supernatural290/status/117966374255...

А послушать это где можно, анончик?

2019-10-03 в 12:27 

А послушать это где можно, анончик?
Анон, поищи в этом треде ссылку на подкаст Марка, наверняка там можно найти и Джареда

2019-10-03 в 13:08 

Спасибо, анон

2019-10-03 в 18:22 

SPN for life💕 It's just us - YOU & ME ❤️@supernatural290
Mike:Were you one of those guys on set that if like it was up to you,or was it a collaborative collective,I don't wanna put the blame on some one else but to be as honest as you can,when someone came up and said,hey do you wanna do 3more seasons or do you wanna do 1more season?

Mike:were you ready to call quits?
Jared: without selling out any friends,I agreed!I mean I don't know what Jensen said or didn't say,I don't know what Misha did or didn't say!It was an agreement!None of us went,fuck it I'm out!Fuck you guys!

Jared:This was sort of like,hey let's go and do what's best for our family and the world and the show!We had some pretty outstanding and outrageous support from CW and WB!I feel like in May be it's part of them just being kind to their actors so that they don't freak out!

Jared:But I believe if we wanted to go 5-10-15more years,they probably would have justified cause they know we sacrificed and how we worked and how they've worked!We always said when it's time for the show to end,we'll know!And that moment hit we were like okay I think it's time

2019-10-03 в 18:23 

Jared:to end!Like I don't wanna jump the shark!I don't wanna go too far...I don't want to.and I'll say this,I'm sitting next to a 5months old puppy who was born 5days after I had to put a dog down that I've had for 16years!and shut out to my girl up in doggy heaven

Jared:I got her in 2003 when I was in Gilmore girls and we had to put her down in January!And it wasn't easy!She'd have lived longer!May be couple days,may be a day,may be couple weeks,may be a year!but she was going blind,she was going deaf,she was losing her faculties!

Jared:I hope I'm not making too much analogy,I don't think supernatural is shitting itself in it's sleep!it's one of those things, because I love this I wanna see it off and let it go with honor into the next whatever!So I feel like with supernatural-

Jared:I think supernatural is doing some of it's best works and I think that's how I wanna go out!And it's not my choice!It was me and Jensen,Bob and Andrew,Peter Roth and Mark Pedowitz and we all talked ..and Misha!j

2019-10-03 в 18:27 

Jared: we were like,hey guys,okay,the show isn't gonna go for 45 seasons!So how many seasons is it gonna go?how does it look like?How can we respect and honor and keep the show
Mike:keep the quality and we'd be happy and be proud of what we've done and move on?
Jared:For sure

Jared:And even I'm like I want to want more!I want the show to end wanting more supernatural!like I don't wanna do the last season going like okay let's just go ahead and finish this marathon!I wanna finish the marathon going like, damnit,I wish it was longer,that was incredible!

2019-10-03 в 18:30 

Mike:What about a movie?If they approach you about a supernatural movie, would you do it?
Jared:I'd love to!I did that recently with Gilmore Girls!I did Gilmore Girls,it was 2000-2007!I did the first 5years!And then Netflix brought back a reboot!I was available only to do 1scene

Jared:But it's a fun way to revisit some of the actors and actresses that I worked with,the producers,directors and writers and was like a homage to a show that I worked on 2decades ago!so I'd love that!It's fart too early I suppose for the people who pay for it to talk about it

2019-10-03 в 18:38 

Анончики, а этот подкаст можно как-то скачать? А то на сайте у меня не получается прослушать (((

2019-10-03 в 20:43 

2019-10-04 в 03:47 

2019-10-04 в 08:25 

Что-что? Это Касс не может простить предательство, я правильно понимаю?
Ну да, это уж точно, во всем спнский боженька виноват, но не Джек, не Кас. А если не боженька - то Винты-то уж точно.

2019-10-04 в 08:57 

2019-10-03 в 23:21 ахахх, что-то Крис на себя не похож)))) и высоковат:gigi:

2019-10-04 в 08:59 

Я вообще решила, что это коллинз, пока диалог не прочитала

2019-10-04 в 09:01 

вообще решила, что это коллинз,
:lol: Что-то ты польстила Коллинзу:-D


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