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2019-06-22 в 05:45 

Supernatural fandom: Please… we just want… canon destiel… please

Supernatural writers: More character death?? That’s what you said you want??

SPN fandom: .. wha?… no, just… happy, canon destiel, I’m begging you

SPN writers: More character death it is!!

2019-06-22 в 06:14 

So ngl Samantha got a little close to someone’s anti-Castiel stuff and it was uncomfortable.
She was talking about how much getting Mary’s initials on the table meant to her, and how afterward people were like “Where is Castiel” and it made her sad. Which is legit! I totally understand that.
But then an audience member shouts “He’s not a Winchester!” and Samantha says “yeah the CW is the logo, not his initials.” Silence. She continues, “he can, like, have his own table, or something.” The whole room is silent and tense.
I’m not arguing Mary shouldn’t have her initials on the table with her sons, nor the fact that some people’s aggression about Castiel hurt her feelings. However, she didn’t need to dismiss the idea entirely or agree with someone who says he isn’t a Winchester.

2019-06-22 в 08:39 

2019-06-22 в 15:49 

Do you think it would be rude to purchase a J2 op and make them hold a sign saying “Castiel is the superior Winchester”? Or do you think they’re grown ass men that can take a joke? Asking for a friend

2019-06-23 в 01:37 

.@mishacollins : @JensenAckles seemed nice at first and @jarpad scary like the Hulk. Later I realized Jensen is really the mean one... #SPNDallas

.@mishacollins : we got off to a rocky start. @jarpad and @JensenAckles thought I was a little weird. If I'd watched the show I might have made different choices... #SPNDallas

.@mishacollins : we get nothing done in rehearsal. That's when @jarpad and @JensenAckles will like fondle my genitals... #SPNDallas

.@mishacollins : I've known @jarpad and @JensenAckles for 10 years. And they've known each other since they were toddlers... #SPNDallas

Best memory with @jarpad and @JensenAckles ? @mishacollins : there haven't been any... #SPNDallas

What do you do to destress? @mishacollins : you mean around @jarpad and @JensenAckles? #SPNDallas

2019-06-23 в 01:43 

.@mishacollins : Phil Sgriccia at first was going to make @jarpad on top of me slapping and you like it sexy bitch then realized we'd all never work again... #SPNDallas
.@mishacollins : everyone was a little worried @jarpad was pregnant after that ... #SPNDallas

also sexy bitch mishalecki scene was deleted i-

2019-06-23 в 03:22 

I saw a heller on twitter today trying to blame bibros for Sam Smith saying Cas is not a Winchester. According to the heller, bibros made Sam snap and say that Cas is not a Winchester. Also, this heller thinks the bibros are to blame for Jensen not wanting to talk about destiel at cons. Gotta love how hellers can never own up to their shit.

2019-06-23 в 05:25 

Apparently I made a technical error. “CW” isn’t JUST our network. Things are pretty tense in the green room. @m ishacollins #feud #SPNDallas t.co/toeROSFEfD

2019-06-23 в 06:46 

2019-06-23 в 07:32 

Awww everyone cheering for @mishacollins taking a sabbatical after next year #SPNDallas t.co/QjLfOmCsZX

2019-06-23 в 07:32 

2019-06-23 в 08:38 

The truth is, there is nothing, it’s not about reality and the actual story, it’s about wanting to bend other’s creation to their fantasy and fetish needs, and then being mentally too far gone to snap out of it again.

1) They wanted shipping fodder for the trope “angel falls for human”. That’s it. To write porn between an angel and a human, but can’t admit the fetish the way it is, so they have to try and justify it. Also can’t just own up to it, so they have to try and make everyone “like” it as well, so that they’re not alone with a weird fetish. Hence their insane validation need, regardless that no ship is ever really “valid”.

2) Social Media kids on one hand swallow the agenda pills every day now, on the other hand, see social media first, and entertainment second. They believe the lies on tumblr, and are too brainwashed to realize otherwise, so when the actual show bites them in the ass, they have to whip out the victim card, because the current narrative has made being a victim attractive now, hence the #Queerbaiting!!!! yells. Watch a show through shipping goggles, and you’ll never get the story. Destiel even shows how utterly bad this has become, that they even watch a non-romantic horror show for the (non-existent) queer. It’s TOTALLY there, just invisible!

3) Generation that grew up thinking slashfiction and fanfiction are the same thing, and that fandoms own the content, aka are free to do whatever with it, which then leads to the insane fan entitlement, and aquiring such a tunnel vision, that they don’t even understand the content anymore, they claim that is now theirs. Instead of basing fanfiction on canon, they want canon to wrap around fanon now. Ergo, only their fanon version is the only right version, and everyone else is wrong. Or else, we’ll make you yx-phobic and ruin you! #ToleranceY’all!

4) Kids now truly think your sexuality is your defining trait of your whole character. Also think “heteronormative” and “cis” is a thing, and being straight is uncool now, so in oder to be able to like a character now, every character has to be queer now. Oh, he appears straight onscreen? Then he’s closeted queer, you cowards!!!

5) LGBT+ generation that only wants to see the “gay” in absolute-fucking-EVERYWHERE. Even your morning coffee is gay now. They can’t recognize real chemistry between actors anymore, all they want are gay ships, gay ships, gay ships, so they’re gonna make up chemistry where they want to have it, while ignoring the truth again. If you squint hard enough, even your coffee is gay, don’t forget that.

6) Oversexualizing EVERYTHING. You can turn everything sexual if you slow down the gif enough! Fuck everything! No one’s safe! Friendships are cancelled. Obviously. Don’t leave the car alone in the garage, god knows what it’s doing there at night…

7) Awfully young or awfully immature, growing up in the shipping and gay fetishizing bubble, having literal no clue how men actually behave. Have zero understanding of men + sexualizing everything = BAHM you get kids thinking two men looking at each other means they want to bone. If not, you’re fucking homophobic, obviously!

8) Feminists hating masculine Dean, so they have to strip him of the “toxic masculinity” and feminize him, in order to beat him. They can’t deal with masculinity, so beat him into a ship, but have him in the “submissive” role. (Ever noticed how he always bottoms and backs down in Destiew shit?) Also, from what I see daily of feminists…Dean also happens to have a prettier face than 99% of the raging sjw’s, so that must burn them like hell. xD

Some of them might genuinely think though, that men can’t be prettier than women, so make him a girl, or whatever.

9) Sjw’s claimed Misha Collins as their celebrity face for their echo chambers, to give them some sort of “authority reason” to be the way they are. Jensen acts as the counterpart, so again, Collins has to dominate him, to beat the “villain”. Then “save” Jensen by wanting him to be close with the “overlord”, to “redeem” himself. #BeAMisha! xD

Some truly seem to think though that he is a pure angel while ignoring his shady shit. #FakeNewsY’all! xD

10) Didn’t you know? Fiction has to tick off every single check list of #Social Justice and #Representation now! Cause imagination is dead now, apparently. So are brains.

11) Some really can’t differentiate between fanon and canon, and reality and fantasy anymore. Don’t know what’s more scary. Kids are getting more stupid every single day. Bloody hell.

12) Ugly Duck complex or something. Heey, if we pair a zero like Misha with a ten like Jensen, then heey, we might have a chance IRL as well, catching a Jensen! Ever noticed how much hate girlfriends/wives of actors are getting these days from said actors “fans”? Fans really must think they have a real chance of hooking up with yx actor, so yes, let’s harrass their SO’s. #Sad

13) Some apparently really think Misha is attractive, so the porn must be hot xD. So hot, it burns your eyes. #WithBleach

2019-06-23 в 09:05 

Аноны, весь тред забит постами на английском даже без всяких предисловий. Не все знают язык, гугл часто выдает несусветную чушь. Чтобы что-то обсудить, нужно хоть вкратце рассказать, о чем речь, в идеале - перевести хоть пересказом. Я знаю английский, но и мне уже надоело в эти простыни вникать.

2019-06-23 в 12:43 

Аноны, весь тред забит постами на английском даже без всяких предисловий. Не все знают язык, гугл часто выдает несусветную чушь. Чтобы что-то обсудить, нужно хоть вкратце рассказать, о чем речь, в идеале - перевести хоть пересказом. Я знаю английский, но и мне уже надоело в эти простыни вникать.


2019-06-23 в 13:07 

Присоединяюсь к предыдущим анонам, хотя бы коротенькое резюме, чтобы действительно была возможность обсудить.

2019-06-23 в 13:39 

хотя бы коротенькое резюме Коротенькое резюме: Миша ебанулся окончательно.

2019-06-23 в 13:45 

2019-06-23 в 08:38 Это откуда? Блин, невозможно не ржать. Подумаешь, чел Америку открыл.

2019-06-23 в 14:50 

Коротенькое резюме: Миша ебанулся окончательно.
Это мы и так знаем.

2019-06-23 в 14:50 

Миша ебанулся окончательно.
А я уверена, что ему еще есть к чему стремиться.

2019-06-23 в 17:52 

Awww everyone cheering for @mishacollins taking a sabbatical after next year #SPNDa
Колинз собирается уйти в творческий отпуск после СПН :lol:

2019-06-23 в 18:17 

По-моему, он сезона так с шестого в творческом отпуске.

2019-06-23 в 18:18 

Как, а где очередь продюсеров и новые проекты для талантливейшей звезды ?

2019-06-23 в 18:24 

проекты для талантливейшей звезды ?
Нэт))) А чтобы никто ничего не подумал можно объявить творческий отпуск :lol:

2019-06-23 в 18:30 

А где Коллинз так утомился, что ему творческий отпуск нужен?

2019-06-23 в 18:49 

А я надеялась, что кто-нибудь его подберет, и в 15 сезоне квасю угрохают насовсем в первой же серии :weep:

2019-06-24 в 20:54 

Мне лень читать кучу англотекста по левому фандому, но я не поняла, Натали хочет пару из демона с ангелом? Прониклась мэгстиэлем? :smirk:


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