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(и спецом для нового треда, чтобы мимоаноны не возмущались, добавлю, что в нём можно пронзать джейту сколько душеньке угодно :inlove: )

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апд: свои неудовольствие, обиды, ненависть и прочую жопоболь сюда не носить. Для них есть специально отведенные места

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2019-10-26 в 11:12 

2019-10-27 в 08:08 

Tom Welling was talking about show friends, how much time you spend w/ other actors on your show and how most actors don't want to see their cast mates outside of work - with the exception being J2 who "became real brothers and do everything together."

2019-11-02 в 19:02 

2019-11-02 в 19:55 

: there was a really nice scene between Henry and Sam that got cut for some reason. #awww #SPNDC

: you're trying to be serious on #Supernatural and then @jarpad is there with that face #SPNDC

@adamfergus : my first day I started to talk and @jarpad was like I can't understand a word he says! I'd never been on a set that was so much fun! #SPNDC

@DavidHaydnJones : one day @jarpad and I were just like how did we get so lucky to work with such great people? #SPNDC

@DavidHaydnJones: @JensenAckles showed me a preview in the van. Of the episode he directed and ooh #SPNDC

2019-11-02 в 20:44 

Adam Fergus singing Jensen's praises. He had a lot of fun filming a couple funny scenes with Jensen because he has such great comedic timing. He's excited to see what everyone does next but is especially excited to see what Jensen does after the show. #spndc

@RobBenedict : @JensenAckles and I dressed up for Halloween and he looked just like the Brad Pitt character and we went out to dinner first and i was like hey I'm dressed up too.. #SPNDC

@mattcohen4real : don't get me wrong @JensenAckles is handsome on #Supernatural but if he did another soap they'd paint him up, he'd be like a porcelain doll and I'd just be like oooh #SPNDC

2019-11-03 в 00:58 

@jarpad I’m sure you already do, but please take pride in the fact that your sister is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met in my entire life. Thank you for making her part of the #SPNFamily 💕 #akf #SPNDC @BigMoBook

2019-11-03 в 17:11 

На коне Алана Кинг, хорошие фото делает.
Рут тоже поет? Не знала.

2019-11-03 в 17:12 

Рут тоже поет? Не знала.

Давно. Народ в восторге

2019-11-03 в 18:38 

@JensenAckles : we all miss my big dumb friend so send him love. He's doing fine and sends his love. @jarpad #SPNDC

Jensen says Jared had a bad weekend last weekend and he is dealing with what he needs. Send him support.
He says when Jared showed up there were handcuffs. Crew wanted orange jumpsuits but couldn't get them in time.
"He's doing fine. He sends his love."

2019-11-03 в 18:42 

Asked if Dean is going to have a storyline this year, @JensenAckles says the story is more jointed this time. Rather than one brother here and the other there, they are in it together. He thinks that’s right for the final season. #SPNDC #DCCon

@RuthieConnell comes to answer what episode they're on.
@JensenAckles : we can't function without amazing women on set #SPNDC

Jensen said had a fight scene Friday night that had the crew doubled over laughing. Premise is Sam and Dean have lost their ability to do things Winchesters do. They can't fight cool anymore; Dean has cavities, Sam's got a cold. #spndc #dccon

“the episode we’re shooting right now (15.10) is shaping up to be one of my favorite episodes this season. it’s a one offf, and it’s a funny one. fight scene of friday night: had the crew doubled over laughing. “ #SPNDC

2019-11-03 в 18:46 

#spndc perfect day with the fam? He’s talking about the brewery’s fall fest and he really wanted to be there.

He has nothing set in stone after Supernatural; he's been dragging his feet on that because he's wanted to focus on the show. But he has some meetings set up in LA in a few weeks. And "when I know, you will know." #SPNDC

Fan saw him as Bacchus last year - what was it like being king?
"It was about the best experience you could possibly have."
His first Mardi Gras - will be back. Already has time off.

2019-11-03 в 18:50 

@JensenAckles : I've held off on what I'm doing next to concentrate on this show but I have meetings in the next few weeks in LA. And I'm like people care about my future! #SPNDC

Mardi Gras was great. Pretty special. He did not understand how big this was until he arrived a the airport and saw a brass band, the chief of police, his wife and JJ. See all those people je was like what is happening ?! 😂 « even the President does not get many people » #SPNDC

“i walked off the jetway and there was a brass band. i didn’t realize how big of a deal bacchus was. someone leaned over and told him that the president doesn’t get this many people. ‘oh i better turn it up’” #spndc

2019-11-03 в 18:55 

He's telling a few stories about his experience as King Bacchus #SPNDC

His father in law got hit right on face with a high heel bread and it cut his face right open. "IT'S A FULL CONTACT SPORT."
Throwing coins he realized they started to turn red because he was bleeding from digging his hands into the dubloon bucket with so much enthusiasm. #SPNDC

Question about his episode next week that he directed - what has he learned from directing. #spndc #dccon

He has accumulated more knowledge and tools. Directing is not easy task. As actor responsible for one link in the chain. AS a director he is responsible for every link. #spndc #dccon

Directors have to have answers when things happen. Have an answer - you can always change your mind. But if you say I don't care or it doesn't matter you just diminished that person's job. #spndc #dccon

2019-11-03 в 18:58 

Directing isn't just knowing what you're doing from a technical standpoint but also knowing how to command a set, which is something he learned from watching the legendary directors he's worked with deal with mishaps. "have an answer" is the best advice he's gotten. #SPNDC #DCCon

If Jensen had to face some of the monsters what would he do? Run. #spndc #dccon

To everyone complaining about a Dean SL or a Sam SL..
Jensen :"The story is joined. Rather than one brother here and the other there, they're in it together. I think that's right for the final season."
Thank you Bibro King

when the show is over, dean is not gone. he’s right here in me” #spndc

2019-11-03 в 19:06 

jensen's hair.. thats thats the tweet #spndc

@JensenAckles : at first the ending didn't sit well with me. So I called @therealKripke and said I need your take. He reminded me I'm too close to it and he was right and now I'm excited. #SPNDC

So now Jensen is really excited about the end. He says if you are first like "what?" he encourages to step back and think from a bigger perspective. #spndc #dccon

"You guys have been with us a long long time. We don't want to let you down."
Going out with fireworks! #spndc #dccon

@JensenAckles : yes I'm double denim today. Deal with it! #SPNDC

2019-11-03 в 19:11 

@JensenAckles: We're trying to go out with fireworks. I don't want to let you down after all these years. I don't want to let myself down. But if you feel like I did & it's not sitting right...give it time to really think about why another ending wouldn't have felt true. #spndc

не нравится мне это :smirk:

2019-11-03 в 19:15 

не нравится мне это

Да, тревожно как-то...

2019-11-03 в 19:18 

Да с самого начала было понятно, что ничего хорошего нас не ждет.

2019-11-03 в 19:33 

He said at first it didn't sit well with him; slept on it; thought about it for a few days. Talked to Dee about it, who suggested calling @therealKripke . #spndc #dccon

2019-11-03 в 19:35 

2019-11-03 в 19:36 

Jensen: Are we... on episode 10? What episode are we filming?
Ruthie, popping out from backstage: I believe you just finished episode 9, dear.

#SPNDC t.co/4UMMiAK4Ea

2019-11-03 в 19:43 

“I’ve done some panels with , what’s his name? M-mi-misha in the past and they ended terribly so look out for that”—JA

2019-11-03 в 20:18 

Directors have to have answers when things happen. Have an answer - you can always change your mind. But if you say I don't care or it doesn't matter you just diminished that person's job.
Представляю, какого "высокого" мнения он о Даббе.

2019-11-03 в 20:26 

Жалко, запись панели оборвалась как раз на месте, где Дженсен возвращается сказать про тотал джинслук. Никто отдельно этот кусочек не выкладывал?

2019-11-03 в 20:27 

Никто отдельно этот кусочек не выкладывал?

Если найду, то принесу

2019-11-03 в 20:32 

Никто отдельно этот кусочек не выкладывал?

Анон, посмотри здесь

2019-11-03 в 21:23 

I was already planning this but @JensenAckles told us to send his friend some love...this is the best I could currently do!! @jarpad we love you and miss you and hope you take care of yourself as you need to. Special appearance of puppy moose by Megan Padalecki #akf #spndc

2019-11-03 в 23:52 

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